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115 E Stevens Ave., Valhalla, NY 10595

S.S. Sampliner & Co., Inc.
Commercial Debt Collections Specialist

It took determination, grit and perseverance to start a commercial collection agency in 1935.  But isn’t that what you expect from your commercial debt collections specialist?

In 1935 America was in the midst of the Great Depression. Bankruptcies and foreclosures soared.  Millions were out of work.  And everyone was broke. That’s when we began collecting delinquent accounts.  Now, over 8 decades later, we’ve collected more than $185 million in past due receivables for our clients both in the USA, and throughout the world. That’s why no one knows the ins and outs of commercial debt collection better than we do.  And no one is better at collecting past due receivables than we are.

Commercial Debt Collection Specialists

Because we’re commercial debt collection specialists, we work all day, every day, collecting past due receivables for our clients.  With S.S. Sampliner & Co., Inc., there is never a retainer.  We only charge a fee, when our clients are paid, which means it costs absolutely nothing upfront, to place a claim with us.  Moreover, S.S. Sampliner’s clients can take advantage of extra services that are absolutely free:


  • Diplomatic contacts on international cases.
  • Advice from experienced collection specialists whenever you need it.
  • Seminars and negotiation skills workshops provided to our clients at no charge.

About Us

S.S. Sampliner & Co., Inc. is one of the oldest commercial debt collection agencies in the United States and we were founded in 1935 by Samuel Sam Sampliner (S.S. Sampliner). The company now spans four generations. Frederick R. Sampliner, Sam’s grandson, is the President of the company, joined by his son, Jeremy Sampliner, the Vice President. 

We have weathered six recessions and one depression and, still, we survive as a vibrant commercial debt collection specialist. We pride ourselves on our thoroughness and our professionalism. S.S. Sampliner, who founded our company, premised our collections on the motto “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar”.

A Debtor of Our Client, Is Never Out Of Reach

Globally, we utilize international law firms that generally work on a contingent basis. While many collection firms will only work hard if they can get easy and immediate results, we do things the old-fashioned way – we do not give up easily and work tirelessly to collect funds owed to our client’s.  At S.S. Sampliner & Co., Inc. we pride ourselves on our service and our results.

Our Team

Frederick R. Sampliner President

  • Fred joined the company in 1979 and has since followed in the footsteps of the company founder: S.S. Sampliner, his grandfather, Malcolm Sampliner, his father, and David W. Sampliner, his uncle, to go on to become President of the company.
  • Fred attended Harpur College at SUNY Binghamton and has gone on to bring the company into the modern age to achieve great success collecting commercial debt globally.

Jeremy H. Sampliner Vice President

  • Fred’s son Jeremy joined the company in 2011 and is now company Vice President.
  • Jeremy attended college at SUNY Oneonta graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in the Music Industry.
  • After discovering that his true passion lied with joining the family business, Jeremy has helped to revamp how S.S. Sampliner & Co., Inc. operates, to turn S.S. Sampliner & Co., Inc. into digital modern powerhouse that it is today.


In it’s over 8 decades of operation, S. S. Sampliner & Co., Inc. has represented creditors in a wide variety of industries. Our expertise has been applied to debt collection in the various industries outlined below, among many others

Media & Publications

TV, Radio, Film Advertising & Content Licensing

Digital / Internet Marketing

SEO / Online Traffic Driving

Financial Services

Satellite / Telecommunications/Marine

VSAT / Space Segment

Pharmaceuticals / Chemicals / Cosmetics


  • As long as commercial credit has been granted and accounts are unpaid, S. S. Sampliner & Co., Inc. has the experience and the expertise to convert Accounts Receivable into Cash in your pocket.
  • We do everything we can to collect the cases amicably.
  • There is hardly a time of the day or night that we’re not collecting in some part of the world.
  • When you talk about collections in EMEA, APAC, and South America, we’ve been there and done that.
  • Under all circumstances, we stand ready to help our clients collect their delinquent accounts in the most professional way. There is a reason why our company has been so successful over the past 8 decades collecting delinquent accounts, and that reason translates itself into our tenacity, entrepreneurial zeal, expertise and professionalism.