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Debt Collection Services

  S. S. SAMPLINER & CO., INC. A Multifaceted Force For Collections

In its 66 years of operation, S. S. Sampliner & Co. has represented creditors in a wide variety of industries. Our expertise has been applied to the world of media and publications, television and radio, apparel, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics as well as new technologies including satellites and their component parts. As long as commercial credit has been granted and accounts are unpaid, S. S. Sampliner & Co., Inc. has the experience and the expertise to convert Accounts Receivable into Cash in your pocket.

Satellite Collection Services

We are the pre-eminent collection firm specializing in the satellite industry. Our President, Frederick R. Sampliner, has spoken both at Satellite 2001 and Satellite 96 and also wrote the attached article which appeared in Satellite Communications magazine.

We handle a wide variety of billing in the industry. On the transmission end, we represent almost every major player in both space segment, transponder bills, uplinking, downlinking, video-conferencing, satellite news gathering trucks, Inmarsat traffic, and all types of hardware such as earth stations, satellite modems, VSAT systems.

Our expertise is unique and we also have very special contacts with the different embassies worldwide both from the American State Department and the foreign ministry of the countries that our clients are located in. These diplomatic contacts help tremendously on the international cases when we hit difficult situations. 

We do everything we can to collect the cases amicably. As much of a headache as it is to sue in the United States, to sue in third-world and underdeveloped countries is almost an impossibility due to heavy legal fees, inadequate legal systems, etc. That makes our firm even that much more valuable for you, as we are, many times, the last chance for our clients to collect their very large claims. 

We work on a contingent basis and our fees are 25% of the first $5,000.00 collected on each claim, 20% on the next $250,000.00 collected, 18% on next 250,000 collected and 15% of any amount collected over $500,000.

All we need to commence our collection efforts is for you to fill out the on-line placement form and submit it back to us along with an itemized statement.  


Advertising Collections

We have been collecting accounts receivable for the advertising industry since the 1940s, starting with radio and our practice has grown up with the industry as it evolved from radio to TV, billboard, cable and then satellite.

Our firm has a great deal of experience handling these cases and are ready to be your "hired gun" to proceed against the advertiser, or the agency, or both under joint and several liability.

Unlike most other collection agencies, we do everything possible to collect these cases amicably
so you do not have to burn bridges to the future.

We understand that you are often forced to sell time to an advertiser who may be a weak credit risk in order to fill a weak segment of your schedule. In those situations, our job would be to act as an "insurance policy" to upgrade that receivable so as to make sure it does not go uncollected. You don't want to restrict your credit to such a degree that you are only dealing with blue chip companies whose credit is unimpeachable, since, while you will surely collect those receivables, you will not be getting your full share to the total market. By using an experience collection agency such as ours, well versed in the industry, you can maximize your collections of these weak receivables.

If it is necessary to litigate, we have been working with the leading commercial collection attorneys in the United States for decades, and have representation throughout the country which can help you obtain judgment if necessary, and then collect against those accounts.

Under all circumstances, we stand ready to help you collect these accounts in the most professional way. There is a reason why our company has been so successful over the past six decades collecting these type of accounts and that reason translates itself into our tenacity, entrepreneurial zeal, expertise and professionalism



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Recovering debts for satellite services rendered has always been a chore, but as the industry goes global, the frequency of the problem has increased exponentially. What's a credit manager to do?

Find out in Fred Sampliner's  white paper on satellite collections...

Fast Facts
When handling international cases, not only do we collect against companies, but governments also, such as PTTs and other government agencies. Our contacts with the different embassies worldwide are of tremendous help in this situation.

We have a bilingual staff that speaks fluent French, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian.

There is hardly a time of the day or night that were not collecting in some part of the world.

When you talk about collections in Beijing, Taipei, Jakarta, Kiev, Rio de Janeiro, Sarajevo, weve been there and done that. 


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